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Fabricate was born from the idea that as a fashion brand we have to take accountability for where our products end up. Old collections, samples and sale pieces that don't get sold have a tendency to end up in landfills which just isn't good enough. We have taken it upon ourselves to find a better way to deal with a problem that we could be contributing to and created Fabricate, a workshop which allows you to buy our old collections and pieces for cheap and also customise them allowing you to make more of "old clothes". You are also encouraged to bring old clothes that you may love but want to do more with to stop us all from just throwing things away.
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You’ve always wanted to exercise your creative streak…
You like art…
You’re into fashion…
Maybe you just want to freshen up your wardrobe…
Many fashion houses have surplus stock that often goes to waste and adds to the overflowing landfills.
FABRICATE is encouraging you to use these items to create something new. We’ve slashed the prices on our premium garments so that you can upcycle them and give them your own flair.
It’s sustainable, it’s fun and it’s a different way to spend your afternoon.
So you didn’t go to design school, you’re not the arty type…
There are a lot of simple things you can learn at FABRICATE that will upscale clothing and bring your ideas to life without having extensive technical knowledge.
Cut, stitch, dye, paint, bead, the possibilities are endless.
No previous experience is required. Suitable for adults and young people

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