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May 02, 2021 3 min read

Happy Sunday Everyone!

It has been an idea circulating the Drifters London studio for some time now about launching an online Blog/Newsletter for our existing customers and future ones.
Here we are! 2021, with our latest collection of " No Borders" 2 drops down.


So, We thought now would be the best time to launch the blog! What to expect?

The reason we wanted to add a blog to our website and separate it from our socials is because "writing" is a big passion within the drifters team but we also wanted to showcase all of the behind the scenes real stuff, what actually goes on in the background, from coming up with an idea and building a mood-board, to getting that product fully launched and up on our website and for sale! What better way to show you than through videos and photos of everything from the start to the beginning. So expect original mood-boards, inspirational posts behind our previous collections and of course outfit inspo & more about the history behind the brand and how it started.

So to kick off today’s first blog and in time for our latest drop of the Ice Cream Gilet, we are going to talk about what inspired our Founder to create this collection.

Below you will find the mood and colour boards that were first created when starting the design process for No Borders.




Founder, Latifah, loves aerial views and was scrolling through some landscape/scenery images at the time and it instantly clicked, she saw such depth within the colours and also the idea that when things are viewed from an aerial view there are no borders, hence the name of the collection! Everything is one and in fact it is us as people who make these borders.

She absolutely loved that concept and in theory it is the idea that we are free to be and do whatever we want!

So from this point she looked into aerial views, what they came with and the  different types of views that there are and then looking into the people within these aerial views and what they would wear.

A lot of the pieces you will see coming out throughout the year will have a strong play on pockets and utility wear and this comes from the “Fisherman” aspect of some of the aerial views she was looking into. 

She also looked into border control and coast guards and fell in love with that too. There was a fascination with the uniforms, how sturdy they were, the zips, studs, straps and clips, she really loved it and from there all came together.

A lot of inspiration from the silhouettes come from her pulling a picture, pulling an idea and going headfirst into it and getting every single thing she can think of that reminds her of this particular concept and that is how “No Borders” was created!

Chika working her magic!

We have also recently filmed a Q & A with Latifah which we will be sharing here as episodes too. You can find this also on our Instagram @driftersldn.                            


Please do follow us on Instagram to stay informed of everything happening at Drifters London and stay tuned for our next Blog coming out every 2 weeks on a Sunday to start with!

Thank you for reading with us & see you next time!


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